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In the fulfillment of this mission, the university shall seek anefficient use of available resources to ensure the highest quality in itsservice to the citizens of the State. Teaching and learningconstitute the primary service that the university renders to society. Teaching, or instruction, is the primary responsibility of each of theconstituent institutions. The relative importance of research and publicservice, which enhance teaching and learning, varies among the constituentinstitutions, depending on their overall missions. 1971, c. 1244, s. 1; 2003 228, s. 1; 2013 234, s. 6. It is the intent of the GeneralAssembly to reverse this trend and to provide a mechanism to assure that theUniversity's capital assets are adequately maintained. To thisend, the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee shall report to theGeneral Assembly annually its recommendations for legislative changes toimplement this policy.

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Nayak 2012 Global alteration in gene expression profiles ofdeciduas from women with idiopathic recurrent loss. Hum. Reprod. 18, 442 450. Epub ahead ofprint. 2012 May 4. 89. S. M. Semaan, X. Wang, A.

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258. Click on the links below to watch a webinar: Teachable's community was launched as a space for creators to share their knowledge, learn, and network with other creators in a similar business phase. Here you can ask questions, share ideas or strategies, and get help from others. TeachableU was created by the Teachable team to provide additional resources to school owners on an active paid plan. TeachableU includes our most updated training programs, as well as monthly live streamed workshops with experts in a variety of industries. To locate the myTeachable Help Center, log in to your myTeachable account and select Help from the sidebar. If you have not created a myTeachable account or are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Once logged in, youll have to option to Search our Knowledge Base, Submit a Ticket or Manage Tickets. Alternatively, you can click on the Help button in your school admin to access the Help Center. Youll also have the option to Search Our Knowledge Base, Create a Support Ticket, or Live Chat with Someone on Our Team Professional plan and up. Were sorry.

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2000. However, you may be asking yourself just what it is. Social bookmarking is a way to save, store, group, and share Internet bookmarks online. It allows you to have access to your favorite bookmarks on any computer with Internet access, so even if you are away from home, or work, you can still find and use the sites you value most. Social bookmarking sites also give you the option of joining a group of like minded people, following, or being followed by, individuals who collect similar types of bookmarks to your own. Examples of such sites include Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and the focus of this article, Diigo. Diigo lets you do more than just bookmark web pages online. For instance, if you install the Diigo toolbar, or toolbar button, you have the ability to highlight text and pictures in a variety of colors, or add sticky notes to a bookmarked page. With this feature you can annotate web pages with thoughts, ideas or additional information. All these notes are saved for the next time you access the saved bookmark, and anyone else you share the bookmark with, students or teachers, will also see your annotations. It is a great way to focus attention on a large article.

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