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It all started with a Greyhound Bus Company public relations gimmick to promote its safety image. There was an apparent reduction in bus accidents and the conclusion was made that the daytime headlight use must be the reason. There was a burst of publicity and daytime headlight use was christened as a great highway safety strategy. Subsequent studies, slightly more thorough, determined that daytime headlight use on busses had no effect on accident frequency. Those studies have never received nearly as much attention. Think about this; if you cant see a bus during the daytime, because it doesnt have its headlights on, there is a greater problem at play here than visibility. Next, there were mandates of daytime headlight use in a few tundra laden Scandinavian countries. Subsequent government sponsored studies proved the government was inspired in its mandating of daytime headlight use. Again, subsequent review of these favorable DRL studies indicated the high probability that factors, other than daytime headlight use, were responsible for any reduction in accident frequency. The same scenario was subsequently repeated in Canada the government mandates vehicles be equipped with automatic daytime running lights DRLs and low and behold government studies find that DRLs may be responsible for saving the human race from roadway annihilation. Auto manufacturers, never loath to exploit a fad, climbed on the DRL bandwagon and hyped the safety benefits of irritating other drivers by shining headlights in their eyes, during daylight hours.

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and Co. , New Commercial Railroad and County Map no map of the State of Pennsylvania and Gazetteer and Patrons County Business Directory of the Representative Houses Whom We Respectfully Recommend to Public Patronage, Containing Historical, Biographical, Statistical, Political, Law and other Valuable Information with a Condensed History of the American Wars, The Spanish American War, The Boer War and the Chinese Insurrection, and the Causes, also the Mechanics Lien Laws, Compiled and Published by P. J. Hannifan and Co. , 414 Louisiana Street, Buffalo, N. Y.

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Accessed Month Date, Year of access. URL. Limer, Eric. Heck Yes!The First Free Wireless Plan is Finally Here. Internet History Sourcebooks Project. October 1, 2013. Accessed February 18, 2014. ain, Kevin. "The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication. " Internet History Sourcebooks Project. June 29, 2012.

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Two to 3 cups of green tea per day, or green tea compresses on a cold sore, will give you high levels of EGCG. If you're a fan of mushrooms, another natural remedy for cold sores that you might want to consider is that of Reishi. This is a type of mushroom that has a long history of use in traditional Asian medicine to strengthen the immune system. And with good reason; Reishi has bee found to inhibit the spread of the herpes virus. A typical effective dose is approximately 600 mg a day. In addition, it is available both in powder or supplement form, making it a convenient choice. A word of caution though; this particular natural remedy for cold sores can delay blood clotting, so be sure to talk to your doctor if you take aspirin, or any other medication that may interfere with clotting. 5. Zinc Though the jury's out as to whether zinc will do anything for your cold, it could make a cold sore go away faster. Test tube studies have shown that zinc can kill up to 98 percent of herpes simplex type 1 cells, but real world studies haven't been as conclusive. One study suggests that topical zinc oxide ointment reduced cold sore duration by up to two days, and the authors of that study had their participants use the ointment every two hours as soon as they felt a cold sore coming on.

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Information is, therefore, essential. Hence this journal, which is intended as a peer reviewed forum for the discussion of concepts and examples relevant to emerging infectious diseases and their causes, and to provide a channel for field reports and observations on emerging infections. The Perspectives section will provide general overviews dealing with factors in disease emergence, conceptual syntheses of information, approaches for studying or predicting emerging infections, and analyses that shed light on how and why infections emerge, and how they may be anticipated and prevented. Submissions for this section are warmly invited. In coming issues, Perspectives will deal in greater detail with many of the factors discussed in this overview article, and with ways to dissect steps in the emergence process. Discussion of technologies that are broadly applicable to the identification or control of emerging diseases are also appropriate for this section. Case studies are welcome if they are used to develop broader lessons. Dr. Morse, Perspectives section editor of this journal, is assistant professor of virology at The Rockefeller University, New York, N. Y. He chaired the NIH Conference on Emerging Viruses May 1989 and was a member of the committee on Emerging Microbial Threats to Health and chaired its Task Force on Viruses, convened by the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences 12.

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