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For example, a Russian speaker will not want to say I put the book on the table, but rather I put book on table. To fix these issues, I found consistent and repetitive interrogative teaching to be helpful. I would always stop and ask Where did you put what? This seemed to jog their memory about using articles. There is really no other way around helping them to learn that, since there is no parallel in their language. 2 Nouns have gender in Russian which leads to some confusion about inanimate/animate adjective and adverb use. Whether or not a noun has gender in Russian is not defined by whether or not it is alive, it is determined by whether it is male or female linguistically. 3 Russian English learners can initially come across as very abrupt or rude conversationally. This is as a result, again, of their carrying over traits from their own language. For instance a student may respond to an invitation to lunch with No, I will not go with you usually in a loud and emphatic tone of voice. To work with some of these lexicon issues I would devise paired exercises where the students came up with different ways of answering invitations and making chit chat. This invited them to think about different ways to interact.

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is an important step in creating that environment. Employees who work in companies with active ethics programs; who observe leaders modeling ethical behavior; and who see honesty, respect, and trust applied frequently in the workplace have reported more positive experiences that include the following:Natalie Rhoden, Ethics in the Workplace, Articlesbase, November 5, 2008, accessed October 7, 2011, workplace 629384. html. These positive work experiences would be even more notable in small businesses because of the smaller number of employees. Employee perceptions of their organizations ethical leadership may well be the most important driver of employee trust and loyalty. Jennifer Schramm, Perceptions on Ethics, HR Magazine, November 2004, 176. Having an ethical culture should, therefore, be a top priority for every small business. Many small business owners may feel that a code of ethics is unnecessary. However, the benefit of having such a code is higher employee morale and commitment, more loyal customers, and a more supportive community. Even the nonemployee small business benefits. A code of ethics puts your business in a more positive, proactive light, and it spells out to customers and employees what behavior is and is not appropriate.

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This is one of the most useful gifts for college students. Dropping your phone on your face is annoying enough, so imagine dropping your tablet on your face. But your student can avoid it all with this nifty stand!Organization in a dorm is key to maximize the already limited space. A little jewelry dish can sit right on your students desk or dresser instead of all her jewelry being sprawled out everywhere. These cute little ornaments will give your student a sense of home and holiday cheer when theyre away at school. They would also make great stocking stuffers!This travel pillow is perfect for the traveling college student. Whether by train, plane or car, this awesome pillow forms to the neck and has extra chin support for maximum comfort. Remind your student that youre always cheering them on from home. These make great gifts for college students who are constantly weighed down by their assignments!Do they face the constant battle of trying to see especially when the sun is blinding while staying on trend with everyone else?Prescription wearers, rejoice!It is possible to be totally fashionable and practical at the same time. With so many customizable options, 39 Dollar Glasses can suit each individuals needs and style!Graduate of Emerson College '15 with B. S.

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Totally wasted time writing articles. Never reviewed or published!Wrote several messages and didn't get any responce's. I can remember that when I was a lot younger, I used to look forward to shopping for my new set of school supplies. I kept reminding my parents to set a date with me to visit the bookstore or the malls. There were a lot of tv ads that featured interesting stuff that I could use for school. Now that I am a parent myself, I know how difficult such times of the year are for parents on a fixed budget. A fancy pencil case that I wanted is much more expensive than the basic pencil case that would have done just as well. Cute note books and note pads were just a waste of money when I could have gotten the simple ones. Children don't always understand the value of hard earned money. Therefore, parents like me need to have a good budget for schools supplies. Kids, especially at the start of the school year, are very much excited to shop for school supplies just as I was back in those days.

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