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, Attema, A. E. , and Bleichrodt, H. 2009. Intertemporal Tradeoffs for Gains and Losses: An Experimental Measurement of Discounted Utility. The Economic Journal,120545, 845 866. doi:10. 1111/j. 1468 0297. 2009. 02308.

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You can only fail up to a maximum of 30 credits worth of non core modules across your whole degree, so you if you trail 45 credits and do not pass them, you will not be eligible for an honours degree. If you dont pass the modules you are trailing in January, the next opportunity for reassessment in these modules will be September 2021. If you are proceeding to your final year in October 2020, this means that, if you dont pass the module in January, then you will not be able to graduate in July 2021 if you have not met the eligibility criteria for an honours degree. Any decisions involving trailing failed modules should not be taken lightly and you are strongly advised to discuss this with your Department or SU Advice before making your decision. You are responsible for checking with your department as to whether the syllabus or assessment for the modules youll be reassessed for are due to change next year. If there are any changes, your department will be able to confirm whether youll be reassessed on the old or new syllabus. If you need to resit any exam, a member of the Exams Office will be in touch with you by email so please make sure you check your Essex email regularly. We will aim to publish the exam resit timetable by 27 November 2020 but if you havent heard from the Exams Office by this date, please email us at . uk. Please note that where reassessment is by exam in January 2021, the exam will be delivered online as Alternative Reassessment. If you need to submit coursework, your department will contact you by email with further details about what you will need to do, including your submission deadline.

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