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Barbara Briers and her colleagues did a series of three experiments designed to tease apart the connections between nourishment and personal finances. In the first, they deprived some people of food for four hours, long enough that they wouldnt be starving but they would almost certainly have food on their mind. Others ate as usual. Then they put all of them in a real life simulation where they were asked to donate to one of several causes. Those with the growling stomachs consistently gave less money to charity, suggesting that when people sense scarcity in one domain, they conserve resources in another. Put another way, people with physical cravings are in no mood to be magnanimous.

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The topic ofthis research seemed senseless, but his objective methods seduced me. Ilonged for a husband who would accept my collaboration in scientificresearch and had found, until then, only wooers for a "stay at home,"domestic wife. Michel accepted my participation in the research on hissubjects. Without hesitation, I embarked on this adventure, certain thatthere was no risk involved. With objective methods, nothing positivecould turn up from such a crazy enterprise. After a brief period ofastrological verification, I hoped to convince Michel to abandon hisprojects for more quiet academic research within a normal curriculum atthe Sorbonne. Our meetings developed into animated discussions aboutsuch things as how to properly divide the diurnal movement of theplanets into thirty six sectors, in which direction the sectors had tobe numbered, and so on. But my confidence in the quick effect of objective methods was toooptimistic: the adventure proved to be much longer and much moredifficult than I had expected. It has never ended. But while following his courses in psychology and statistics, he began to French registrars for birth certificates of eminentprofessionals. To his amazement and delight, a first group of 576Academicians of Medicine showed peaks of Mars and Saturn frequenciesafter rise and culmination .

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Keywords: grounded theory, leisure travel, motivated behaviour, psychological escape, tourism motivation, travel behaviour, travel motivationThe author of this work has to admit that he always harboured a profound interest in the way humans behave and what their motivations are. Due to the fact that humans are such complex beings, particularly in a psychological sense, they always come up with a variety of interesting reasons to justify their behaviour. But in the authors opinion, often times this range of reasons can be simplified and categorized into a limited set of motives driving human behaviour. Studying in the area of tourism for several years, it therefore seemed quite logically for the author to become engaged with the question of tourist motivation and to discuss it in this work. Admittedly a wide range of theories and studies on the subject of tourist motivation already exists, or as Kay puts it, tourist motivation studies embody an amalgam of ideas and approaches Kay, 2003, p. 600. Overall, Kay 2003 identified four main approaches to tourist motivation: Needs based, values based, benefits sought or realized, and expectancy theory. Source: Author, based on Maslow, A. H. 1954 Motivation and Personality, 3rd ed. , Addison Wesley Educational Publishers Inc.

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