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7Where the Court has decided pursuant to Article 64 that the arbitration cannot proceed in respect of any of the claims, such decision shall not prevent a party from reintroducing the same claim at a later date in other proceedings. 8If any of the parties refuses or fails to take part in the arbitration or any stage thereof, the arbitration shall proceed notwithstanding such refusal or failure. 9Unless otherwise agreed, the arbitral tribunal shall not cease to have jurisdiction by reason of any allegation that the contract is non existent or null and void, provided that the arbitral tribunal upholds the validity of the arbitration agreement. The arbitral tribunal shall continue to have jurisdiction to determine the parties respective rights and to decide their claims and pleas even though the contract itself may be non existent or null and void. 1A party wishing to join an additional party to the arbitration shall submit its request for arbitration against the additional party the Request for Joinder to the Secretariat. The date on which the Request for Joinder is received by the Secretariat shall, for all purposes, be deemed to be the date of the commencement of arbitration against the additional party. Any such joinder shall be subject to the provisions of Articles 63 67 and 9. No additional party may be joined after the confirmation or appointment of any arbitrator, unless all parties, including the additional party, otherwise agree. The Secretariat may fix a time limit for the submission of a Request for Joinder. 2The Request for Joinder shall contain the following information:a the case reference of the existing arbitration;b the name in full, description, address and other contact details of each of the parties, including the additional party; andc the information specified in Article 43 subparagraphs c, d, e and f. The party filing the Request for Joinder may submit therewith such other documents or information as it considers appropriate or as may contribute to the efficient resolution of the dispute.

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I am the author of Reflections in Communication: an Interdisciplinary Approach, published by the University Press of America, and co author of Connecting Intercultural Commun ication: Techniques for Communicating across Cultures, with Kendall Hunt Publishing, Experiencing Interactive Interpersonal Communication with Xlibris and Faculty Development Programs: Strategies for Teaching and Learning with Iuniverse. My first doctoral dissertation, which is on ERIC, is Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness in Community College Settings. My interests in practicing the profession of Pastoral community counseling includes acquired knowledge and practice of multicultural counseling and intercultural communication. Many aspects of therapeutic psychology can be used for practical application in spiritual directions. I believe psychological and spiritual developments are the same things because they are both an ongoing process. Both teach a sense of self fulfillment and self satisfaction. Spiritual development is built on divine grace. It relates primarily to a person's willingness to respond openly to God and an equal willingness to embrace the truth. To grow spiritually means to grow in faith and trust and to reduce self defeating anxieties. Psychology helps in understanding spirituality because both are phases in human growth and development. Day's 2010 article points out that religious and spiritual behavior, in terms of beliefs, attitudes, practices, and belonging, could be scientifically studied and assessed in terms of their relative good or ill for human well being.

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Its sometimes difficult to deal with the helplessness and embarrassment of the situation. Its never easy for friends and family either. Cancer, no matter what type, is always serous and often times hereditary. Women usually have a much a more difficult time dealing with this type of hair loss then men do, since a womans hair is usually a part of her personally and pride. Through this difficult time its important to never lose hope. Sometimes the best way to deal with the situation is positive thinking.

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A common practice among high school seniors is to take that last year as easy as possible, blow it off, waste it in easy courses. 2 College advisers these days urge high school seniors to avoid resting on their laurels, and instead spend their senior year immersed in courses that pose academic challenge. This is the best method for college prep, say administrators. 3Even for students that work very hard and then take it easy their final year of high school the odds are not so good. Their GPAs are still high, but academic agility is low. College admissions standards have also become a major hurdle to clear for students.

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