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Note: Exceptions to the above preferences include prose and autobiographical style writing: "I was diagnosed with narcolepsy three years ago. "Note: It is preferred to capitalize the "L" in milliliters as not to confuse it with an uppercase "i"; you may also consider first spelling out the unit of measure depending on the audience and the tone of the information being communicated. If the number is less than 10, it's up to your discretion whether to write it out. Consider what looks best to the reader. For example, the following sentences are both correct, but the numeric version looks far less clunky:For sentences that contain multiple numbers, consider offsetting the instructions with written and numerical text. Make stylistic choices that will benefit the reader most. Make the instructions easily scannable. Considering the following examples:If a word or phrase has already been referenced once in quotes, it doesnt need to be quoted again e. g. This tasty morsel, called a "cinnamon bun," should be eaten twice a day to keep the doctor away. Cinnamon buns are great for your health.

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I was one of them. Let's say youre looking to improve your health and decide to hire a nutritionist. Among a variety of things, the nutritionist tells you to buy organic fruits and vegetables, free range organic eggs, and eat grass fed meats. Now, that all sounds good and everything, but follow along and youll quickly see where the disconnect is. There is a 99% chance this applies to you as well, especially if youre shopping at the supermarket, even Whole Foods. So You listen to the nutritionist, and like the bulk majority of people, you will go to the supermarket searching for organic fruits and vegetables. But did you know on average fruits and vegetables found at Walmart are MORE nutritionally dense than the fruits and vegetables found at Whole Foods?Before I explain why, it's important to understand how overall food quality is determined by the quality of the soil it's grown inSoil that has a rich food web an abundance of worms, insects, fungi, and bacteria produces nutritionally superior fruits and vegetables. All of those bugs are essential for providing nutrients to the plants. Today, pretty much all organic crops sold at the supermarket, even at high end places like Whole Foods, come from single crop farming systems. This means that just a single crop is grown on acre after acre after acre. Its basically factory farming with organic pesticides.

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2009. No crystal ball can predict whether that will continue, but on past form it seems perfectly plausible that by 2050 the planet will grow 70% more food than it did in 2009, as the Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO says it needs to. Even though some crops in some parts of the world have reached a productivity plateau, cereal production increased by 11% in the six years after the FAO made that prediction. The Malthusian fear that population growth will outstrip food supply, now 218 years old, has not yet come true. Yet just as Thomas Malthus has his modern day apologists, so does his mythical contemporary, Ned Ludd. Neo Luddism is an ever present threat that can certainly slow down the development of new technologiesas has indeed happened with transgenics. But while it is fine for the well fed to be prissy about not eating food containing genetically modified ingredients, their fears have cast a shadow over the development of transgenic crops that might help those whose bellies are not so full. That is unconscionable. With luck, the new generation of genome edited plants, and maybe even animals, will not provoke such a reaction. Regardless of whether it does, though, some other trends seem near certain to continue into the future. Precision agriculture will spread from its North American heartland to become routine in Europe and those parts of South America, such as Brazil, where large arable farms predominate.

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com, 2001, accessed October 7, 2011, . Fortunately, the chances of an unethical decision being made in a small business are lower because the individual or individuals who are harmed will always be more visible. It is more difficult for the small business owner to be unethical. Ultimately, small business owners will behave in accordance with their own moral compass, sense of fair play and inclination to deal in good faith. Jim Blasingame, Small Business Ethics, Small Business Advocate, August 13, 2001, accessed October 7, 2011, ccording to one study,Daniel J. Brown and Jonathan B. King, Small Business Ethics: Influences and Perceptions, Journal of Small Business Management 11, no. 8 1982: 1118. The small business owner is in a unique position to set the ethical tone for the business. Employees will follow the lead of the owner when executing their duties and tending to their responsibilities, so it is critical that the owner establish an ethical work environment. Business Ethics, Answers.

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In today's world we all need something to help us relax, and stay stress free. Binaural beats is music that helps with meditation and relaxation, using frequencies to alter the state of the brain to help you relax. Most people don't realize how music affects our daily life. This article will show how music can help with the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Are you like most people, trying to find ways to help you relax?Binaural beats are fast becoming a way of relaxing. But does it really work?Stress can be very dangerous to your health, it can cause all kinds of health problems, like high blood pressure, heart problems, eating disorders, alcoholism, and so on. It also can cause a strain in your family. I will show you 3 ways I use to prevent stress related illnesses. We all live in stressful times right now, and music can help relieve stress. Music healing therapy also known as Binaural Beats, is music that has calming sounds like water and birds set to certain beats to stimulate the brain to relax. Fishing is a very under rated family time activity.

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