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Check it out at learn. esc. edu. All current SUNY Empire students receive licensed Office 365 accounts. This comes with 5 free installs of the Microsoft Office suite which you can use as long as you are a student here at the college. This means that you can use MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for your class assignments on your home computers PC and Mac, tablets, and even your smartphone when signed in to your college account.

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An Adelaide based lawyer has won a $750,000 defamation pay out against a woman who posted three negative Google reviews of his business, despite never being a client. BetaNews: 15. 1 billion records exposed in 2019 as data breaches hit a new high. The total number of records exposed by data breaches increased by 284 percent last year compared to 2018, with over 15. 1 billion records exposed in total. This is one of the findings of the 2019 Year End Data Breach QuickView Report from Risk Based Security although the total number of 2019 breaches disclosed so far 7,098 is up only one percent. New York Times: North Koreas Internet Use Surges, Thwarting Sanctions and Fueling Theft. North Korea has vastly expanded its use of the internet in ways that enable its leader, Kim Jong un, to evade a maximum pressure American sanctions campaign and turn to new forms of cybercrime to prop up his government, according to a new study. Phys . org: Food share apps seeking to help environment. Jack Convery pops into a London branch of Italian eatery Coco di Mama to grab a cut price lunch ordered on his smartphones food sharing app Karma.

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8. The topic of sovereign immunity and whether the university has it in this case was the subject of the majority of Tuesdays arguments. The university stands to make money off of the procedure that was performed on the patients, Robertson said. He told the court that the university has spent millions marketing the procedures and bought a business insurance policy, and, as a result, waived sovereign immunity. It remains unclear when exactly the policy was purchased. Greetings from Bradley Universitys Department of Mechanical Engineering family. I am pleased to share this edition of the ME alumni newsletter with you. Since the publication of our last communication, a lot of developments have taken place. Some of them are:You will be pleased to know that the plans for a new building for the College of Engineering and Technology to be shared with the Foster College of Business Administration are making good progress in anticipation of implementing a Convergence Center. The faculty has been very busy with the planning of the new labs. Our college will soon be officially renamed the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology.

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Brad I currently take in approximately 1000 calories a day and am under the supervision of an MD for the diet I am on. I supplement meals with protein shakes. I have coffee, skim milk and artificial sweetner and a protein shake 180 cals for breakfast. I have another protein shake for lunch or a salad that I make myself. I drink water all day. I also have a protein bar as a snack and a normal dinner meaning protein, veggie and limited starch. About an hour before bedtime I drink another protein shake. I lost approx 47 pounds doing this however, my diabetes has progressed. The proetin shakes have started to raise my blood sugar which they had not done previously. Also, post workouts, my blood sugars would be in the 70 90 range. Now, due to advancing insulin resistance, my blood sugars post workout are approaching 200.

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Those products cover anything from digital, IT to even physical products. You can also subscribe to independent online programs including the ones by top internet gurus Michael Rasmussen and Stephen Pierce. Dont publish your private information. Basic Twitter safety means keeping prying eyes from your information that is personal. There is an option in settings to tweet where you are, which will publicize your hometown or your location when you tweet. Unless you possess a specific reason why you need this setting fired up, just skip the choice.

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