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You have access to your own individual file with the exception of those individual faculty letters for which a confidential waiver form has been submitted, and access is also granted to Office of Student Affairs staff. The School of Medicine has developed the following policy in order to maintain confidentiality of student educational records as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The purpose of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Student Body shall be to guarantee the general welfare of the students of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. This shall include the perpetuation of mutual respect and communication among the students, faculty, and administration. This organization shall be known as the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Student Body. The student body will consist of the members of all the four classes. A class shall be defined as that group of Southern Illinois University Medical Students which will matriculate in the same year. Each class shall elect an executive committee yearly consisting of up to six voting members from among its members. Each executive committee consists of a chair, a vice chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and two representatives chosen at large. Each member shall have the right to voice an opinion on the actions of the student body; to take part in any of the activities sponsored by the student body or their class; to elect or recall the officers of their class; and to participate in any vote of their class, providing that voting requirements are met. Each member shall have the responsibility to abide by the Honor Code of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Constitution.

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Jamie Hollywood, a PPE student at Goldsmiths University, claimed that his philosophy lecturer had denounced Brexit as a nationalist enterprise during a seminar at the beginning of the academic year. Ive experienced incredible Brexit bias, he said. In my first lecture in philosophy, the lecturer, who is European, told the class that Brexit was a nationalist enterprise. When considering how to write essays I have to determine its tone and content based on who is marking it. I shouldnt feel as though I need to cloak my views in order to receive a grade reflective of the essays quality. When approached, a spokesman for Goldsmiths said that the lecturer had been attempting to stimulate discussion and their comments about leaving the UK following Brexit were due to personal financial circumstances. They added that the university remains committed to the values of freedom of speech and that the lecturer involved was not involved in the marking of course assignments. Meanwhile, a law and politics graduate at Cardiff University claimed that his tutor had instructed him not to lend support to Eurosceptic ideas. I was told explicitly by my tutor, and I quote 'do not advance Eurosceptic arguments in your essays, because you will irk the examiner'. Universities like to champion the idea of academic freedom, but what that really boils down to is freedom within their set parameters. A Cardiff spokesman said they had been unaware of the allegations, adding that the university encouraged students with concerns to report them.

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