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As pastoral counselors committed to multiculturalism, we emphasize recognition and respect differences and acknowledge the need to find common ground with those unlike our selves. We can help our counselees think critically about the world they live in, including how systems of power can be used for promoting progress in a more egalitarian and humane society. The ethical code of the American Psychological Association 2003 states that 'Psychologists are aware of cultural, individual, and role differences, including those to age, religion, gender, race, ethnicity, orientation and national origin' p. 377. An ethical imperative is necessary to attain cultural competence. Increasing cultural competence at a fundamental, ethical level is the right thing to do. Effective multicultural education entails an ethical commitment to work toward the repair of the world. As counselors, we have an ethical obligation to help equip students not only to live and work in an increas ingly diverse and multicultural world, but also to join us to make the world more just and peaceful. Ethical guidelines continue to evolve to reflect how we apply moral principles to our lives, and our lives must include those who are presently marginalized in society. To lead we must address the diversity of people in all aspects of society with genuine respect and caring. Religious diversity is more than geographical location.

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You will be more marketable and more flexible in the type of MBA careers that you can choose from. It is best to write yourself a list of everything that interests you and then look at pursuing a career that matches your interests. By doing this, you can be assured that you are going to find a job that will be interesting. This is the best way to expand your horizons when it comes to potential future jobs because it is easier to be the best at something if you what you are doing. With the passage of time inflation takes a toll on the economy. The education system is no exception.

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Retrieved February 27, 2007 from: am still a little confused on what is hidden curriculum and how much it affects an individual. After reading some articles of my classmates, I think and hope that i am in the right page by stating that Hidden curriculum is usually misunderstood by students, in a way that positive and negative intentions from the teacher/mentor are mixed up. Based on experiences, some students get negative feedback from positive reinforcement and vice versa, or the individual misinterprets what the teacher intends to project or enforce. I also witnessed certain incidents in schools wherein a professor disregards ideas and voluntary work from students because of where they attained their secondary education and/or the province the individual came from. Some of these students were encouraged by the negative treatment or feedback while others were mentally and emotionally degraded. There are also situations wherein students somewhat abuse the kind of treatment they get from their teacher, instead of being enforced to perform better the students became more relaxed, go with the flow or simply wont exert much effort in learning or performing in class. After graduating from college, I realized that the teaching profession is complicated, because students are hard to organize and handle. Obviously every individual are different, having their own understanding of things, having different views on certain ideas, concepts, actions and expressions. Despite the individuals intentions good or bad they will always be misinterpreted in certain ways. Each individual need a lot of patience and guidance to prevent such situations and misunderstandings. Like what was mentioned in most articles in this site, developing a student is not only the job of a teacher or parent but also the simple or complicated things in society.

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144. The State shall guarantee their freedom of expression and association, the free functioning of student councils and types of associations. Article 46. The State shall adopt, among others, the following measures that safeguard children and adolescents:1. Care for children under six years of age that guarantees their nutrition, health, education and daily care in a framework of integral protection of their rights. 2. Pulling is just as important as pressing, make sure to press all the way and pull back for 15 20 seconds at a time. 3. You will know the clog is gone when the water starts draining rapidly on its ownIf the plunger doesnt work, provide them a simple off the shelf drain unclogging chemical. Explain that these chemicals are very bad for the environment and should only be used as a last resort. The chemicals used are harsh since they are are purposely designed to dissolve anything that is stuck in your drain.

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