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You will need to make sure Edit Mode is turned on. Turning Edit Mode off will allow you to view the module as the students see it. 2. This page will list all of the assignments and student names. Look for the column with the same name as the assignment you want to view. In this example Assignment.

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Their blades being shaped to resemble the cross not being enough, around their necks and embellished on their shields the sanctified cross helped in gaining the most noble of achievements. In middle schools Christian Jewelry is keeping safe the honor of the youngest daughters. Having made a vow to stay pure until their wedding night, as the bible says, girl's Promise Rings remind them to always stay true and follow up on their promises. Not only do these girls stay with integrity for the rest of their live but they learn to be adults who keep promises and are trusted in what they say. Even today Christian Jewelry plays a very distinguished role in our lives. Giving pendants and medallions with the savior on them to emphasize and safeguard loved ones before they set out on their solitary travels.

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You cant miss Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market, but kids will need sharp eyes to spot Dan Webbs Short Cut, a series of seven light bulb holding human figures scattered along The Hill climb to Western Avenue. Pike Place Market is crawling with public art; use the Pike Place Pocket Guide to find more art while you make your way through the Market. Since 1973, Seattles 1 Percent for Art program has ensured that 1 percent of the cost of municipal capital improvement projects be applied to public art. There are now 400 permanent public art installations and more than 3,000 temporary and portable ones throughout the city. Down load the free STQRY pronounced story app to find more public art near you. Dont forget the cornucopia of public art at the Olympic Sculpture Park, the free outdoor branch of Seattle Art Museum. Winding from the intersection of Broad Street and Western Avenue down to the waterfront, the sculpture parks art ranges from the quixotic to the monumental. Mother Nature contributes as well with priceless views of Elliott Bay. Despite their size, murals on private property can be ephemeral things. Many famous paintings have been lost to development such as Robert Wylands three whale murals that were once downtown. More recently, local artist Henry has generated his own scavenger hunts worth of quirky designs across the city.

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We learn by our experience and we help others by creating their experience an effortless one, by sharing our experiences with them. With the power of the internet, blogs, webinars, personal sessions, interviews and social media, we can unleash the true potential of collaboration and cumulative development by supporting each other, appreciating the ones who make efforts and by developing more leaders like the ones we follow. And all of this is possible by creating/joining/developing a community and here it is; Csharpcorner. com. We deliver EXaaS, experience as a free at the cost of promise to help others, at the cost of resolve to walk an extra mile for the community and not the least, at the cost of nothing. All it takes creating a free login and reap the benefits of becoming the part of this wonderful hive of technology evangelists, students and industry leaders. And as an integral part of the community my friend Mahesh, provides the platform to grow professionally by bringing more and more expertise to the table and also by providing an exemplary contribution to the welfare of our community leaders. As the Director of Chapters and MVP program, I along with my fellow contributors, speakers, authors and friends, are proud to be part of the community; we call it our virtual home. I had very less knowledge of ASP. NET. I used to learn from different blogging websites but I have found C Corner the best place to learn.

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