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Check if the breeder and/or cattery is registered with the either the SACC the Registrar of the South African Cat Register at 011 616 7017, or e mail: or the Cat Federation of Southern Africa 016 987 1170, e mail: or Cat Association of Southern Africa CASA website: . Even though the advertiser may claim that his/her cats are SACC or CFSA registered, verify this for yourself. Finally, pedigreed kittens should never be re homed under the age of 12 weeks, so be suspicious if younger kittens are being advertised as ready for re homing. Buying a pedigreed kitten should be a pleasurable experience, so please be particularly aware when buying sight unseen or via the internet. Too many people have been caught up in internet kitten scams, and end up sorry, but hopefully wiser!Order the latest issue or subscribe online at stablished in 1999, we have a solid track record in designing online solutions that are meaningful to your customers and measureable to your business. We approach projects with passion and experience, continuously striving for excellence. All information published on kittycat. co. za is used at your own risk. We make absolutely no guarantee that the kittens and/or cats purchased from breeders listed in the directory or from the classifieds are in good health. Nor do we, or will we, take any responsibility for the condition and health of kittens and/or cats purchased from breeders listed in the directory or from the classifieds.

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This prospectus is not an offer to sell these securities and is not soliciting an offer tobuy these securities in any state where the offer or sale is not permitted. This is apublic offering of 1,000,000 units Units or each a Unit, each Unit consisting of one share of commonstock of Nxt ID, Inc. , par value $0. 0001 per share, and one warrant to purchase one share of common stock and the shares of commonstock issuable from time to time upon exercise of the offered warrants. The registration statementof which this prospectus forms a part also registers on behalf of selling stockholders a total of 1,076,000 shares of our commonstock purchased from us in a private placement between August 2012 and January 2013. The shares of our common stock offered bythe selling stockholders are not part of or conditioned on the closing of our public offering. Prior to this Offering,there has been no public market for our common stock and we have not applied for listing or quotation on any public market. Wehave arbitrarily determined the offering price of $1. 00 per Unit offered hereby. The offering price bears no relationship to ourassets, book value, earnings or any other customary investment criteria. Shortly after the filing of this registration statement,we intend to identify a market maker to file an application with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRAto have our common stock quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board.

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Laponee in his book "The Protection to Minority" describes "Minority" as a group of persons having different race, language or religion from that of majority of inhabitants. In the Year Book on Human Rights U. N. Publication 1950 ed. minority has been described as non dominant groups having different religion or linguistic traditions than the majority population. Article 301 uses the terms 'linguistic' or 'religious' minorities. The word 'or' means that a minority may either be linguistic or religious and that it does not have to be both a religious minority as well as linguistic minority. It is sufficient of it is one or the other or both. The constitution uses the term 'minority' without defining it. In re The Kerala Education Bill, the Supreme Court opined that while it is easy to say that minority means a community which is numerically less than 50 per cent, the important question is 50 % of what?Should it be of the entire population of India, or of a state, or a part thereof?It is possible that a community may be in majority in a state but in a minority in the whole of India. A community may be concentrated in a part of a state and may thus be in majority there, though it may be in minority in the state as a whole.

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TESOL, M. S. TESOLTribal Languages of Kerala . Ravi Sankar S. Nair, Ph. D. Md. Khaled Bin Chowdhury, M. A. DoubleA Study on Personality Factors Causing Stress among School Teachers M. Phil.

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As part of the agreed time in lieu for Parent Teacher Student Interviews that have taken place earlier this term, the College term will finish at 12. 30pm on Friday, 18th September. Term 4 will commence at 9. 00am on Monday 5 October, with the first week of term remaining as remote learning. Congratulations on having made it through a truly difficult term. Thank you for the patience, perseverance and understanding that you have so consistently shown along the way. We are very proud of the students who have made the best of their remote learning opportunities over recent months your resilience and positivity has been remarkable!We cannot wait to reconnect with you again in Week 2 of Term 4. However, please know that we are no less excited about reconnecting with those students, whose online learning participation may not have been quite so evident over recent weeks. Term 4 will present an opportunity for us to reconnect as a school community in a very meaningful way, after several highly unusual and disjointed months. No doubt this too will present some complexities, as we all transition back into a busy routine of onsite teaching and learning. But if we all remember the enduring significance of our values; Respect, Learning and Working Together, we should feel confident that this will be a successful and rewarding experience for all.

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