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Looking at, for example, minute books from local government bodies can unlock a whole plethora of information regarding not only housing provision, but also class or social status, to use Gavin Fosters term differences in Ireland at the turn of the century. Rural labourers agricultural and otherwise are still an underexplored social grouping in nineteenth and early twentieth century Ireland. Although the work of Fintan Lane and Padraig G Lane no relation have done much to illuminate the subject, there still remains ground to be covered. Exactly what constituted a rural labourer has been the subject of much debate, but it seems to be generally accepted that the term can be applied to any worker earning a wage in the countryside who did not have access to any landholding of his or her own. In coastal regions of Cork, fishermen and cottiers fell into this bracket, as the land they may have held and rented from either the local landlord or, increasingly, the Congested Districts Board was of insufficient quality to earn a full time living from. Labourers in Cork, insofar as is known, did not migrate in large numbers like their brethren in Mayo and Donegal during the summer.

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It is impossible for normal stores to compete with the range of choice. Personal example: recent purchases on Amazon. In my opinion, high street shops are disappearing due to competition from online shopping websites, which are cheaper and more convenient. Web based stores allow customers to search for the best deals, make purchases from the comfort of their homes, and receive delivery of their purchased items the next day. Furthermore, it is impossible for traditional bricks and mortar stores to compete with the range of choice that can be found online. For example, I recently used the website Amazon to buy some fairly rare academic textbooks that were not stocked at my local bookshop.

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