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"Utopian History/Dystopian Narrative: The Relationship Between Utopian Fictions and Utopian Communities. " American Studies Association, 1989. "The Articulated Nowhere: The Feminist Utopia. " International Conference of Utopian Studies, Rome, 1989. "Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Text and Context. " College of William and Mary Lecture Series in the Humanities, 1988. "Lost in Inner Space: Narrative Discourse in Women's Utopian Fiction. " American Culture Association, 1987. "The Fate of Women's Legislation in the 98th Congress. " League of Women Voters, Planned Parenthood, AFL CIO, National Organization for Women, 1983 1985. "American Utopian Fiction 1888 1896: The Impact of Political Theory on Literary Structures.

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Mortgage REITs, which hold mortgage securities on properties, currently offer a dividend yield of 11. 4% on average, according to the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts. This outpaces the SandP 500s dividend yield of 2. 1%, the Dow Jones Industrial Averages 2. 6%, the Nasadaq 100s 1. 3%, and the 10 year treasury yield of 1. 962%. Still, there are skeptics who think investors are crazy to look at dividend yields as a reason to invest. REITs arent like a bond the dividend isnt guaranteed over time, said Andy McCulloch, a managing director at Green Street Advisors, a REIT research firm in Newport Beach, Calif. If something happens in the overall economy, where cash flow gets hurt, that dividend can go down or be suspended outright. The mortgage REITs with the biggest dividend yields are Western Asset Mortgage Capital WMC, which has a 19.

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They sit ina little studio in Broadcasting House with just a technician for company. Thered light comes on. They open their microphone and off they go into the unknown its like walking a tightrope for two hours every morning. Then thereare other sort of programmes which are more complex the sort of thing handledby Jimmy Young and John Dunn with interviews and features, all invariably done live. They dohave some researchers working for them but theyre really thinking on theirfeet the whole time and have the art of asking the question that the listenerwants to ask of a whole variety of guests, some experienced likepoliticians others whove never broadcast before but have a good story totell if you can get it out of them. John Dunnis arguably the best interviewer on radio and its because he really works atit. If youve heard his programme youll know how good he is with the mysteryvoice contestants putting them at their ease, and every evening hell domaybe six or seven interviews, including half an hour with his after sixguest, and when hes interviewing an author he really does read the book fromcover to cover the night before. Jim and Ihave been close friends with John and Margaret Dunn and their family for aboutthirty years now. We used to live close to each other in Croydon and John and Ishare the same star signWere bothPisceans fishes and we all go out every year without fail for a fishy lunchfor our birthdays. We have one coming up soon. By Mark Laird | 03.

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Power companies distribute loads to avoid such a disaster, but energetic solar storms could still blow transformers and lead to power outages, especially during heat waves like the one sweeping the eastern U. S. this week. Despite great countermeasures, the power grid is still vulnerable. We could be in for some serious problems, Chamberlin said. Icelanders are accustomed to their land being stretched, split, and torn by violent earthquakes and haphazardly rebuilt by exploding volcanoes. But everyone was surprised when a large lake began to disappear into a long fissure created by one of last summers earthquakes. The draining lake is an oddity even by Icelandic standards, and has lured hordes of curious onlookers to it barren shores. If you put your ear to the ground, you can hear the lake draining, said geologist Amy Clifton of the Nordic Volcanological Institute in Reykjavik, Iceland. It sounds like water going down the sink. Last year, during a leisurely Sunday drive, a geologist noticed a large gash in the landscape about 20 kilometers 13 miles from Reykjavik and reported it to Clifton.

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